Radwag Ps 4500.R1.M-Ntep.wsh, Precision Balance With Ntep Certificate

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Radwag, PS 4500.R1.M-NTEP.WSH, Precision Balance with NTEP Certificate and Windshield, Maximum Capacity 4500 g Standard-class precision scales of high resolution based on RADWAG MonoBLOCK technology

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Features d 0.01g readability at 10 kg max capacity Great resistance to ambient conditions Stability and repeatability over time RADWAG MonoBLOCK technology Four databases and ALIBI memory Easy-to-read LCD display and clear information layout Quick access keys

The data is stored in databases Operators max 100 entries , Products max 1 000 entries , Weighings max 5 000 entries , Tares max 100 entries , ALIBI memory provides data safety and enables automatic measurement recording max 100 000 weighing records

The innovative construction of PS R1.M scale features a single-point weighing pan fastening, which ensures its excellent geometry and minimizes eccentricity error

The instrument enables saving completed measurement data as reports and graphs

The labyrinth-shape fastening guarantees excellent resistance to contamination