Heskins 3453-25, 3453 Corrosion Protection Tape, Size 25 In X 60 Ft

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Corrosion protection tape is a great way to prevent galvanic corrosion between two different metals

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3453 Corrosion Protection tape is a product that stops galvanic corrosion occurring by preventing the two metals from coming into contact

Features Prevents galvanic corrosion Easy to apply

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two metals with different electrode potentials come into contact

In many instances, galvanic corrosion is necessary for many different functions, however it can also happen with structures that would degrade from the reaction, reducing lifespan

In order to prevent galvanic corrosion however, you must apply the other piece of metal onto the corrosion protection tape, this creates a gap between the two materials which prevents the materials from reacting with one another

It has always been notoriously hard to prevent galvanic corrosion, but after much research, we have found the solution

One of the pieces of metal acts as an Anode, and will corrode at an accelerated rate, and the other piece of metal acts as a cathode, and will be completely inhibited

Strong pvc tape with an adhesive backing, which when placed onto one of the metals surfaces, you prevent galvanic corrosion, and create a flat surface, immune to reaction, allowing another metal to be applied to the surface