Camaro Msd 6Ls Ignition Controller, 1998-2002

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  • Provides Ignition System for Carbureted LS1 or LS6 Engines
  • Allows Custom Programming
  • Provides Multiple Spark Discharge vs OEM Controller
  • Easy to Install
While it may seem blasphemous to some, putting a carburetor on a GM Gen-III V-8 is a great option for those wanting the advantages of the aluminum small block without the headaches of wiring a modern EFI system

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PN 726562 All you have to do is connect the coils, crank sensor, MAP sensor and the cam sensor

MSD has also made connecting the MSD 6LS Ignition Controller to the factory EFI a snap through the use of the MSD GENIII EFI harness

Other programmable features include a two-step rev limiter, a vacuum advance curve for cruising economy and even a step retard in case you want to add a little nitrous to the mix

This controller allows you to map a custom ignition advance curve with MSD's easy-to-use Pro-Data software

This system is ideal for turbocharged or supercharged applications because of its ability to retard timing in reference to boost pressure

With MSD's 6LS Ignition Controller, all you need for a carbureted LS1 or LS6 are a carbureted intake manifold and the carburetor

You will have your carb'ed LS1 or LS6 running in no time