Tractel 108229, Llx2 6.3T Sensor Only Ip66 Electronic Dynamometer

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Range of precision electronic dynamometers appliances with removable display unit

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The LLX 2 is available in two versions Standard version with interlinking anchoring rings in the perpendicular surfaces, or an optional version with the anchoring rings both on the same side

The dynamometers of this range function in all positions for the measurement of force and suspended for weighing purposes

The radio connection 2.4 G.Hertz with 80 m in open field, working range is permanent between the unit and removable display unit

The specific, patented shape of the attaching head enables either standard shackles or standardised accessories for chains

The standard version enables articulation of lifting accessories on both sides, thus avoiding stresses due to load movements and enhancing appliance precision

These assemblies are put together in our production line and cannot be modified later by the user.