Meriam M2110L-Ci1000-02-1, Smart Level Gauge With Nist Certificate

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ZM2110L-CI1000-02-1, Smart Level GaugeType & Range: -15 To 1000 Psig, Compound Gauge, Isolated, Mounting Options: 2" Pipe Mount, Power Options: 110 VAC, 220 VAC, 24VDC / RS232C, 2 SPDT RELAYS Meriam Process Technologies M2110L Smart Level Gauge is designed to display tank level in volumetric or mass units based on the hydrostatic head pressure of the fluid in the tank

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All units are programmed to allow easy configuration of the gauge through the front keypad

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It can be configured for linear tanks such as vertical cylinders or for use on non-linear tanks such as horizontal cylinders and spheres

SPDT relays on AC powered units and the 4-20 mA output on the transmitter models make the 2110L an ideal choice for many level control and recording functions

The 2110L can be used in bubbler systems or for direct head measurement on pressurized or vented tanks

The AC powered and 4-20 mA units can also be configured through the RS-232C serial communications port

The most popular application is tank level measurement