Vblok Barrier Insulation Pad With Lead Septum

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  • Quality Insulation Upgrade
  • Provides Shock Absorption
  • Includes Noise Penetration Barrier
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • Easily Conforms To Irregular Surfaces
  • Each Sheet Covers 12 Square Feet


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VB-3 is a multi-layered composite material which provides shock absorption, a noise penetration barrier and thermal insulation in a single product

Incredible insulation barrier as well as the ultimate solution nbsp for molded shaped panels and tough to reach surfaces that cannot be accessed with a flat sheet

It easily conforms to round, curved or irregular surfaces

It is ideal for application over transmission tunnels and firewalls

Measures 49 X 36 and yields 12 square feet of coverage

Next, the thin lead center layer is a floating wall, which, because of its high mass and relative thinness, is one of the most effective noise penetration barrier materials available

The first isolation layer is constructed of closed cell neoprene foam which decouples the center layer from the source of vibration

The third, or surface layer, is also made of reinforced neoprene

This is an amazing product! /p

This is to protect the lead center layer and to maintain a sealed airspace for thermal insulation