Aalborg Sdproc-3G2-Au-L, Smart Digital Command Module 3-Channel

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Aalborg, SDPROC-3G2-AU-L, Smart Digital Command Module 3-Channel GFM/GFC Configuration, RS232 Ethernet Digital Interface, LCD Display, 100-240 VAC Australian Plug Microprocessor driven digital Command Module is use in conjunction with any analog or digital mass flow meter or controller with 0-5 VDC input /output signal

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Alarm action can be assigned with preset delay interval 0-3600 seconds to one of the following Contact closer separate for High and Low alarm Buzzer Audible Signal Valve shut down Close Totalizer The total volume of the gas is calculated by integrating the actual gas flow rate with respect to time

Alarm conditions become true when the difference between current readings and installed set points are equal or more than corresponding values of high and low alarm levels

Both keypad menu and digital interface commands are provided to Set the totalizer to Zero Start the totalizer at a preset flow Assign action at a preset total volume Start/Stop totalizing the flow Read totalizer Totalizer conditions become true, when the totalizer, and the Stop at Total volumes are equal

Command Modules contain appropriate power supplies, 24 x 2 alpha-numeric dot matrix display readout, and four panel buttons which provide complete control over all the various functions necessary to measure and/or control flow

During execution of the program the user can activate or deactivate the LOOP mode

Each step can be preprogrammed for a particular date, time, and set point value

Every step has two fields starting date, time and set point in F.S

Flow Alarms High and Low gas flow Alarm limits can be preprogrammed for channel

In External Reference Mode, the user sets the control signal from a remote location via the Data In/Out 25-pin D - connector on the rear panel

In Internal reference mode, the user sets the control signal with SDPROC controls

In Program Mode the set point signal will be driven by user's custom program stored in the EEPROM

Programmable Batch Flow Control The Batch Flow Control allows execution of custom, user preset program of up to sixteen steps

Programmable Timer Flow Control The Timer Flow Control allows execution of custom, user preset program of up to 96 steps

Programming It is easy to program the SMART DPROC using a logically organized, modular menu

RS-232 Software interface commands set allows communications with the unit using either a custom software program or a dumb terminal and provide complete control over all modes and functions

RS-232 serial communication interface is standard and supported via a 9 pin D - connector on the back panel of the Command Module

Regardless of where you are, your Command Module is as close as the nearest browser! There are two levels of Ethernet based Remote Controls HTML web server and TELNET

The HTML web server, which is hosted on the Command Module lets one view Current Flow Rate, Control Valve Mode and/or Set Point, Monitor Totalizer Reading for Selected Channel

The TELNET console provides complete control over all modes and functions and using the same Software interface commands set as the RS-232 communication interface.

The following units of measure are supported F.S., SLPM, SLPH, SC cm, SCCH, SCFM, SCFH, SC mm, S cmH, LBPM, LBPH, GRPM, GRPH

The operator quickly accesses a desired function by branching through the multi-level tree structure, rather than scrolling through the entire menu

There are Program modes Batch, Timer

Totalizer action can be assigned to one of the following Contact closer Buzzer audible signal Valve shut down Close Built-in Ethernet interface allows accessing any Internet connected SDPROC from a browser on your work station, PC, or laptop computer

User Selectable Reference for Set Point The Internal, External, Program refers to the point of origin for the Set Point signal

Various flow configurations may be preprogrammed ramping, pulsing, linearized increasing and/or decreasing of the flow