Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap-Yellow-20" X 1000' X 80 Ga-24 Rolls = 6 Cases

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A great organizational tool, those within the moving industry find that our Ext

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Core Color Pallet Wrap

Core Color Pallet Wrap offers you a non-breakage quality which will bring efficiency and effectiveness to your wrapping applications /p

Core Color Pallet Wrap produces will inherently benefit companies as they reduce packaging and shipment expenses because they re able to ship more product out in a swift and timely manner

Core Color Pallet Wrap /strong is advantageous for customer product coding so that correct items are delivered properly

Cost efficient, this wrap is able to bundle heavy loads securely

Our Ext

Similar to our clear extended core pallet wrap, this colorful pallet wrap provides superior performance qualities that will certainly protect your packages from damage and offer effective load stability during transit. strong ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com /strong ensure customers that they ll experience top notch product quality, swift order delivery and professional service so that you re not hindered

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With a unique look, your pallet load comes to life with our Ext